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Main event: 13-02-2018

Women's consultation GKB number 11 takes patients to a new address

In the building of the former polyclinic on Dneprovskaya street, 23, a large-scale reconstruction was completed. The women's consultation of the City Clinical Hospital No. 11 has moved here. Now the visitors can easily get to the doctor, take tests, and if necessary, be treated in a day hospital.


South Uralians will choose the most beautiful spring flower

On the website of the Culture Department the voting for the best creative work of the contest "Spring Flowers" started. In total, the organizing committee received 772 buds of flowers made by themselves.

Chelyabinsk schoolchildren won 24 medals of the regional championship WorldSkills Russia

In Chelyabinsk V open championship "Young professionals" (WorldSkills Russia) of the Chelyabinsk region-2018 has come to the end. For the first time in the championship competitions juniors took place.

English courses for businessmen

On the basis of the South-Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chelyabinsk, courses of business English (elementary and intermediate) for entrepreneurs start.

The Municipal Unitary Enterprise "POVV" summed up the results for January

More than 270 damages on the networks in the water supply system of Chelyabinsk were eliminated by the employees of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "POVV" for the first month of this year: 100 leaks were eliminated from the ground and 172 from wells. In the sewerage system, 2398 applications were closed in January, including 1470 blockages and 6 reservoir damage.

Entrepreneurs will be taught how to be effective

The Economy Committee of the city of Chelyabinsk and the Consulting Agency "Mac Group" invite entrepreneurs on February 15 to take part in the seminar "Slow Life: How to stop haggling and be effective in business." The meeting is held within the framework of the winter-spring business session.

The Metallurgical District is preparing to celebrate the "Shrovetide Maslenitsa"

There is no such holiday in Russia, which would pass as stormily and cheerfully as Maslenitsa! Before the Great Lent you need to properly take your soul off: have fun, have fun, and make a feast. With all the scope this year's celebration will be possible for residents of the Metallurgical District.

Veterans of ChTZ take an active part in the improvement of their native region

In Chelyabinsk, the public projects are being discussed at full speed and proposed to be put in order within the framework of the federal project "Building a Comfortable Urban Environment".

Young residents of the Leninsky district are invited to participate in the drawing competition

Little Leninists can take part in the program "Formation of a comfortable urban environment" on an equal basis with adults. Their vision of how to look public places of the area, they can depict in the picture and submit it to participate in the contest "Square of my dreams."

One ticket for two lovers

In honor of Valentine's Day Chelyabinsk Art Gallery launches several actions. Lovers of Chelyabinsk can visit the halls of the gallery for one ticket for a couple, participate in photo-actions, visit excursions and receive a gift.

Confess your love to the theater!

On the eve of Valentine's Day, the Chamber Theater collects confessions of love from its fans. Theaters can address their letter to any member of the theater.