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Main event: 21-02-2019

Vladimir Elistratov visited a new kindergarten

In Chelyabinsk systematic work on elimination of turn in kindergartens is conducted. One of the ways to eliminate the deficit is the arrangement of institutions on the first floors of residential buildings. A striking and successful example was the kindergarten on Rossiyskaya street, which today, on February 21, was visited by the acting head of the City Vladimir Elistratov.


Catching of neglected animals will be engaged in LLC Prodlider»

The Department of ecology and environmental management of the Chelyabinsk city Administration has signed a municipal contract for the prevention and elimination of animal diseases, their treatment, catching and keeping neglected animals, protecting the population from diseases common to humans and animals.

Chelyabinsk to open a branch of the International commercial arbitration court

March 1 will be a solemn presentation of the Chelyabinsk branch of the International commercial arbitration court at the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.

In Chelyabinsk starts the contest "Golden mercury"

The South Ural chamber of Commerce and industry invites small enterprises with a staff of up to 100 people and exporting enterprises to participate in the regional stage of the Golden mercury competition at the end of 2018. Applications are accepted until March 15.

16 public spaces will be put in order in the Soviet area

In the Soviet district this year repair the junction on the street of Darwin, will result in the order of 16 public spaces and solve the problem of clogged storm water drainage systems in the villages. These issues were discussed today with the residents of the interim head of the city of Chelyabinsk Vladimir Elistratov.

In Chelyabinsk took place the match meeting on Boxing

On the eve of the day of defender of the Fatherland in the capital of the southern Urals were fighting between the titled boxers from Russia and Kazakhstan. The sports event was attended by the acting head of the City Vladimir Elistratov.

In the capital of the southern Urals will be a gathering for young journalists

The Committee on education with the support of the Union of Journalists of the Chelyabinsk region holds the first media gathering, which will be attended by 16 schools and organizations of additional education. More than a hundred students and teachers are active in the information and educational project "PROnas: school media holding".

In Chelyabinsk has begun work "a hot line" on issues of shared construction

In order to identify problematic objects of shared construction in the Prosecutor's office of the city of Chelyabinsk organized the work of "hot line" and reception of citizens.

Vladimir Elistratov congratulated workers of CHTZ plant on the day of defender of the Fatherland

Today, on February 20, veterans of CHTZ, home front workers, participants and veterans of military operations and relatives of those killed in the line of duty, officers, representatives of the Cossacks and public organizations, cadets and many others gathered in the hall of the Palace "Smena".

"CHELоВЕК theater" starts on the last day of Februar

The international festival-laboratory of performances of small forms and solo performances "Chelovek theatre" will be held in Chelyabinsk from February 28 to March 6. In total, 14 performances were included in the poster this year.

Public services portal: safety and quality

More than 200 electronic transactions can be carried out on the Single portal of state and municipal services. For example, get information about pension savings, fines, issue a passport, submit a Declaration on the form 3-personal income tax and more.